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SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)




It is the name of SAP's proprietary, fourth-generation of a multi-paradigm programming language. It was specifically developed to allow the mass-processing of data in SAP business applications, utilizing procedural, object-oriented, and other programming principles.


SAP Objects

  • API (Application Programming Interface)

  • BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface)

    • T-Code: BAPI​

  • BAdI (Business Add-In)

    • It is a SAP Object Oriented enhancement technique which is used to add our own business functionality to the existing SAP standard functionality.

  • Enhancement Point

    • It is a point in the SAP program where customers can include further functions in the form of source code without modifying the existing program.

    • Enhancement Section: It is the option provided explicitly by SAP to replace a block of SAP code with custom code.​

  • Function (FM: Function Module)​

    • T-Code: SE37​

    • Function modules are ABAP routines that encapsulate program code and provide an interface for data exchange. They are stored in a central function library. They are not application-specific and are available system-wide.

  • Program

    • T-Code: SE38​

  • Class

    • T-Code: SE24 (ABAP Class Builder)

    • The class is the smallest encapsulation unit in ABAP Objects. A method can therefore use all components of all instances of the same class apart from the components of its own instance.

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Luiz C. Mariani
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Article written by Luiz C. Mariani | Published October 2023

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